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Marble Surface

About Us


Day or night, sunny or grey, you always have a seat at the table.


Our mission is to bring people together over a full table, shared passions, and experiences.​

Allora has been in the making for years, and while minor details of the concept may have changed over time, we always had the same core beliefs for what we wanted to achieve. It's hard to describe briefly what we are thinking, but here are a few thoughts: 

  • We want you to feel like you are walking into a loved ones home; their living room specifically 

  • The entire experience should be something interesting, and feel tailored to you. 

  • Memory and the ideas of them are a core belief to our group, and creating memories here is our priority. While good food helps, that comes and goes. Memories last forever.

We are Brendon and David. We are professionally trained chefs, from the best culinary school in the world, and so excited to bring a true (to us) Roman dining experience to Baltimore.

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