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Culture & Benefits

We commit to being a welcoming and inclusive workplace for our colleagues without bias towards gender, race, sexuality, religion, political beliefs, age, abilities and disabilities, and socioeconomic status. 

TLHG offers career advancement, meaningful benefits, and a work environment designed around the philosophy of Hospitality.


Healthcare Plan

Offered to Liliahna Hospitality team members at no charge, Vitable Health provides primary care, urgent care, mental health, lab tests, and discount prescriptions. Unlimited visits. No copays or deductibles. This is not a replacement for health insurance but is ideal for those who do not require comprehensive coverage. Vitable can also be used to supplement one’s health insurance. We believe that Vitable’s model is the future of healthcare.

Growth Opportunities

The Liliahna Hospitality Group believes in creating a work environment where opportunity and actual growth are possible. We are looking for people who want to leave an impact on Baltimore through meaningful experiences.

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